WOD – Wednesday 10/12

“We learn a lot when we are forced to handle uncomfortable elements. We get better, we grow, we adapt. Rinse and repeat. Learn to love gymnastics, they’re an integral pre-requisite to moving a barbell”

Dynamic warm-up and full joint mobility

Skill work
Gymnastics day – pull-ups; strict, kipping, butterfly
Let’s work on a true fundamental approach to pull-ups. If we start fresh and re invest in the importance of tension even in the most simple of progressions we can truly understand the importance of tension in the more advanced forms like kipping and butterfly. Tension plays such a critical role in the strict pull-up or strict ring row so more dynamic movements require exponentially more tension.

“Steam Engine”
30 min AMRAP
Teams of 3
800m run
Max cals on rower
Max cals on AB
*the partner running is the pace car
Pretty straight forward. Teams of three, P2 is getting max cals on the rower, P3 is getting max cals on the AB while P1 runs an 800. Switch.

Check out this list from Outside Magazine. Really good choices. Weird, I think I have seen all of these somewhere.
Proof that your coaches at CFP love you. Now I want you to incorporate the post workout moves into 5 minutes of your cool down today.

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