WOD – Tuesday 6/5

As the weather starts to warm up we are going to be faced with a very different set of challenges before, during and after your workouts. The higher temperatures might allow you to come in and start off feeling more limber, you might need less of a warm-up and mobility session, but you are going to need to focus on a deliberate cooldown.

The biggest difference is the amount you are going to start sweating. With that being said it is important to make a conscious effort to replace those lost fluids. Focusing on hydration as you would anything else; nutrition, reps and sets, weight on the bar, time in a WOD, etc.

Heres a pretty good way to start…
Drink 4-8oz before (or during) your warm-up, another 4-8oz during your training, and 8oz directly after you have cooled down.
That is a minimum. Work on finding time throughout your day to drink water. The more you really train yourself in this department, the better you will perform in the gym and the more you will recover between sessions.

Rowing warm-up; coach driven (10 minutes)
Strength specific movements

Front squat mobility

A. Front squat – E:90 for 12 min
Round 1 – 1×4
Round 2 – 1×3
Round 3 – 1×2
Rounds 4 to 8 – all singles
Build in weight the entire time.
B. Bulgarian split squats – 4x8e
Just like last week. Except the bar is going to be on the front rack, obviously. Build out a plan and grind it out. Immediately after the front squats complete the Bulgarian split squats. If this movement is too hard, weighted lunges can be substituted. Remember with our single leg work, the priority is good movement, full range of motion and developing strength and balance throughout the entire execution, not weight.

250m row
Rest 1:30, x8
Good old fashioned intervals. These will be started in class and finished a little after class. The goal of any interval workout isn’t how fast you can get it done, but how well you can maintain a specific pace. That pace should be challenging but if you picked it correctly, it won’t necessarily feel hard until the 4th or 5th interval. The last 2 will be difficult, so head down and push through.

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