WOD – Monday 7/8

8 mi EMOM
Evens – 10/8 cals AB
Odds – 20 air squats
*wear a monster band for both

The Port squat mobility series – couch, pigeon and spiderman

CF Strength
Back squat – take 16 minutes to find a new 1RM
Understanding that you have put the work in over the last 8 weeks should help you determine a good goal for the day. Remember that using Wodify to create a solid plan will help you get to the heavier weights well primed to move them. If you build too quickly you won’t be warmed up enough, and if you build too slowly, you will be way too tired to find a true max. Be smart and take the time to plan.

1000m row
50 thrusters
30 pull-ups
Benchmark WOD for the week. We have done this one many times before, last time was 11/6. Look back and see what you got for a time and try to set expectations for each section of the workout. Fight through the row at a pretty solid pace, if you have to break up the thrusters, hold on to the bar but don’t put it down and then hold on to the rig for as long as you can. This one is done before it hurts. Time cap 12:00.

1. Bodybuilding – 3 or 4 rounds
20t Banded tricep push-downs
15 weighed decline push-ups
10 GHD sit-ups
1 time through a set of DB 21’s
2. Banded work – accumulate 100 each
Banded pull-throughs
Banded ab pull-downs
3. Unilateral work –
Weighted step-ups – 3x10t
*can be forward, can be reverse could even be walking
4. Gymnastics skill work
Option #1 – Practice a freestanding HS or accumulate 200′ in HS
Option #2 – Complete 5 sets of 2 to 10 strict HSPU’s
5. Core work – 4 rounds
3 rounds
25 straight leg sit-ups, no mat
25 hip extensions (bridge position)
25 flutter kicks

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