WOD – Thursday 3/1

Happy March 1st! Week 2 of the Open is upon us. Any guesses? Is Castro done with the long workouts? Are the dumbells going away for the rest of 2018? Are we going to see some high skill [...]

WOD – Wednesday 2/28

Today is the last day to complete any extra squares you might need in order to earn that BINGO. All boards (up to 5) must be turned into Sophie by the end of the day. Meaning you have till [...]

Member in the Spotlight – Elise

In the midst of the Open, a time when it is so important to reflect on years past, The Port would like to recognize our next Member in the Spotlight. The recipient of this award is someone who [...]

WOD – Tuesday 2/27

This Thursday night at 5:15 there will be a short meeting about heart rate training and how to use data from a HR monitor to help shape your training, both daily and weekly. Everyone is welcome [...]

WOD – Monday 2/26

So the Open has officially begun and boy did it start with a bang. That AMRAP was about 20 minutes too long. I hope everyone still found a way to have fun with it. I know I did. This week will be [...]

WOD – Sunday 2/25

Warm-up Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 10 push-ups 10 Mobility Spend some time in the couch and spiderman position. Work shoulders through full ROM. Make sure the week [...]

WOD – Saturday 2/24

Warm-up Sign into Wodify Then, 3 rounds of increasing intensity 250m row 5 kip swings/hanging legs raises/T2B 5 DB deadlifts/high pulls/cleans (left then right) 5 DB S2OH (left then right) 5 [...]

WOD – Friday 2/23

Here we go, the Open season has started! What do you guys think about workout number 1? Warm-up Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, dynamic warm-up and joint mobility as a group WOD [...]

WOD – Thursday 2/22

Warm-up Sign into Wodify Then, 3 rounds 200m row 10 deadlifts 10 bent over rows 10 front squats *feel free to add a little weight each round of the warm-up Mobility Full mobility session. [...]

WOD – Wednesday 2/21

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 2 rounds, increasing in intensity 5 down and finish with high pull 5 muscle cleans 5 high hang power cleans 5 hang power cleans 5 front squats [...]

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