WOD – Wednesday 8/1

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds with a barbell 5 deadlifts 5 muscle cleans 5 strict press 5 front squats Mobility Rotational drills to prep for bench Posterior chain prep for [...]

WOD – Tuesday 7/31

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 2 to 3 rounds 10 kip swings 10 knee to elbows :20 ring support 10 push-ups w/shoulder taps Mobility Quick light band shoulder mobility Skill The ring muscle up [...]

WOD – Monday 7/30

So we are off. Sophie, Lancen and I will be watching Kristi first hand in Madison for the 2018 CrossFit Games. Make sure to check in online and watch for updates. I will post some shenanigans to [...]

WOD – Sunday 7/29

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 10 RKBS 10 hollow rocks 10 push-ups Mobility Quick group mobility session Strength 3 rounds 12 DB bench press 1 set of BB 21’s 15 banded tricep [...]

WOD – Saturday 7/28

Tomorrow is the last day of the July challenge. If you are in class, make sure you pick up a rope and give the :90 of DU’s a try. Who knows, you might get a little something for completing [...]

WOD – Friday 7/27

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Spend 10 minutes having fun, coaches choice. Mobility Front squat prep – ankles, front rack and quads Strength 8 min EMOM Complete 3 fronts squats @70% with a [...]

WOD – Thursday 7/26

How are the :90 of DU’s coming along. Even if you aren’t a pro, it is a good opportunity to practice. Who knows, maybe this is the :90 you need to start stringing them together. [...]

WOD – Wednesday 7/25

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 10e KB strict press 10 RKB 10e KB bent over rows Mobility Quick shoulder mobility session Strength A1. Strict press –; all close to [...]

WOD – Tuesday 7/24

Tank Top Tuesday!!!! Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds of n evolving barbell warm-up Coach driven Deadlifts – hang muscle cleans – power cleans Front squats Strict press [...]

WOD – Monday 7/23

Tomorrow is tank top Tuesday. It is going to be hot, so let’s all wear our finest sleeveless shirt, prioritize looking and staying cool, and of course, drinking plenty of water. Don’t [...]

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