WOD – Monday 10/1

Happy October 1. The Lumberjack was a huge success and we owe it all to the judges and volunteers. Thank you so much for donating your time and energy. To all of the competitors who took place. I [...]

WOD – Sunday 9/30

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then dynamic warm-up, coach led With joint mobility session Strength A1. SA DB strict press – 4×8; AHAP A2. Bent over row w/BB – 4×6; AHAP [...]

WOD – Friday 9/28

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Group mobility Then, coach led ring warm-up Skill The ring muscle-up and its progressions WOD “Picking Apple Day” Complete as many rounds as needed to [...]

WOD – Thursday 9/27

Remember, lumberjack is this Saturday. Whether you are coming to help, coming to compete or coming to watch, it is going to be a beautiful day. Excited to see you all. Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in [...]

WOD – Wednesday 9/26

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 15 air squats 10 push-ups 5 ring rows or strict pull-ups Mobility Full mobility blast to prep for strength Strength E:90 for 12 min (8 sets) 1. HSPU [...]

WOD – Tuesday 9/25

First day of PortBurn. Interested in what it is all about? Come check it out at 8am. Coach Lunny’s birthday was yesterday, did you wish her a Happy Birthday? Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 [...]

WOD – Monday 9/24

Another week into our back squat strength cycle. You know the deal with this. The harder you work. The more you put into these week to week, the more you are going to get out of it. PortBurn [...]

WOD – Sunday 9/23

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, coach led dynamic warm-up Class joint mobility Strength Not for time, but for quality 50 weighted sit-ups 25 strict T2B 3 min accumulate in plank Core [...]

WOD – Saturday 9/22

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds :20 HS hold 10 hanging knee tucks :20 superman hold 10 push-ups Mobility Not long needed here. Some shoulder work based on WOD. Strength 800m farmers [...]

WOD – Friday 9/21

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 2 to 3 rounds 5 to 10 evolving pull from the ground 5 to 10 front squats 5 to 10 evolving S2OH Mobility Full mobility blitz Strength Weightlifting complex [...]

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