WOD – Tuesday 8/21

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 10 S2OH 10 front squats 10 hanging knee tucks Mobility Banded shoulder mobility Strength OH complex – 1 push press + 1 push jerk *warm up to 70% [...]

WOD – Monday 8/20

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, 3 rounds 10 OHS with PVC/BB 10 kip swings 10 Samson stretch Mobility Pigeon and keg drill Strength OHS – 15 minutes to find a new 1RM The OHS is the [...]

WOD – Sunday 8/19

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, dynamic warm-up Mobility Coach led group mobility session Strength 800m farmers carry with your favorite farmer (70/53#)(53/35#) Grab a pal and get your farmer [...]

Beach WOD – Saturday 8/18

The 5th annual Port beach WOD. Meeting at the red X at 8am. Right by the Jenness Beach public parking lot. WOD explanation and warm-up at 8:15. WODding by 8:30. Lounging by 9am. Bring friends and [...]

WOD – Friday 8/17

Don’t forget, beach WOD tomorrow, 8am at Jennesse beach. No classes, all sandy fitness. Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 Then, grab a PVC and complete 3 rounds 15 OHS w/PVC 10 push-ups 5 [...]

WOD – Thursday 8/16

Warm-up Spend 2 minutes in Z1 And then 10 minutes having fun Group mobility session 2 rounds with a barbell 5 deadlifts 5 bent over rows 5 hang power cleans 5 S2OH Strength Clean and jerk – [...]

WOD – Wednesday 8/15

3 things… 1. Beach WOD, this Saturday at Jenness Beach. Be there by 8, WODding by 8:30. 2. #theportoutside has been so much fun to watch, keep it up. 3. New PortFit to start in Septemeber. [...]

WOD – Tuesday 8/14

Check out our member shout out this month which clearly had to go to our CrossFit Games Masters Athlete, 14 fittest 50 to 54 year old woman, Coach Lunny. Check out how she came to The Port, how [...]

August Member Shout Out – Kristi Lunny

Not only is she an awesome coach, a world class athlete and an incredible person. But she gives it everything she has every time she steps through the door, whether that is leading class or [...]

WOD – Monday 8/13

Let’s talk about this for a second. First, I don’t want to nag because I am not your mother. I know it is hot and I know you are sweating a lot during your workouts. This is why we [...]