Burn – 10/28

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a coach
10 goblet squats with :01 pause in the hole
10 close grip push-up with opposite toe touch
10 spidermans with rotation

Front squat mobility

Burn Strength
5 rounds
10 DB swings
15 goblet squats
20 sit-ups
:30 hollow hold
Rest 1:00 between rounds, no rest between movements
*DB swing is holding one end of the DB and shining it like a KB

Burn WOD
15 min AMRAP
6 ring dips
12 hollow rocks into v-up
150m shuttle run
20t goblet lunges
The hollow rocks to a v-up are just that, 1 hollow rock + 1 v-up = 1 rep, complete 12 of them.

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