Burn – Friday 12/6

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
15 strict press
15 sit-ups

Banded shoulder mobility

A1. DB strict press – 6x4e
A2. Banded high pulls – 6×10
The strict press will be done with one arm locked out while the other arm completes it’s 4 reps. Each rep should be done with a :03 negative.

5 min AMRAP
4 lying toe touches to a KB
8t DB snatches
12 plate hops
Rest 1:00, x3
Intended stimulus – this one is going to be tricky even for the pacing guru’s. The AMRAP is very short and there is a rest but the work to rest ratio will not allow for much recovery. So sprinting isn’t an option. I wouldn’t even think about today as an interval piece, but rather a 15 minute workout. That being said, even the rep scheme is very low for each movement meaning you will be doing a lot of transitioning, this is a classic CrossFit trap to get you out of rhythm and almost force you into a pace that is not sustainable. Come out of the gate and quickly settle into your 70 to 80% effort.

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