Burn – Friday 5/31

Last day of May and I heard that the summer weather is on the way. Not sure how true that is.

3 rounds with decreasing rep scheme (10/8/6)
15/10 cals on the rower
10 KB deadlifts
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
10 S2OH (press/push press/push jerk)

Group mobility session

3-4 rounds
15 hollow rocks
50′ waiters carry each arm
8e DB SA row (AHAP)
1:00 plank hold

“Barbells by the Boatload”
3 min AMRAP
400/350m row
ME kettlebell movement with time remaining
Rest 1:00 between rounds
Round 1 – KB deadlifts
Round 2 – Russian KBS
Round 3 – goblet squats
Round 4 – S2OH
Ok, so each round is a 3-minute AMRAP and starts with a 400/250m buy-in. With the rest of the time left in the AMRAP, you must complete as many reps of a kettlebell movement. Each round the type of movement changes and the KB weight decreases. There is 1:00 between rounds to help recover a bit and change out your bell.

Something to think about with the row is trying to balance your pace and effort. It doesn’t make sense to really push the row if it is going to take you :20 to get off and get on the bar. If you slow your row down just a little bit, you might get off :05 or :10 later, but you might be much more prepared to get right on the bar.

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