Burn – Friday 6/7

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, grab an empty KB and complete 2 or 3 rounds
10 shoulder stretches w/KB in front rack
15 goblet squats
:30 squat hold, use a rig or grab a KB

Front squat mobility; front rack, ankle, and quads

Burn Strength
4 rounds
8e weighted step-ups
1:00 plank hold
No rush here. Take the time to find a good set-up that works for you. Grab a box that puts you at parallel and two heavy KB/DB that challenge each rep. Do not rush through these and hold yourself accountable for driving through full ROM.

Burn WOD
14 min E2MOM
7 goblet squats
7 burpees
7e KB push jerks
That’s right, an EMOM as your WOD. This one will require a little grit to get through but remember you have 2 minutes to do all of the work above and get in a little rest. Since it is going to be 7 full rounds, getting 20 to 30 seconds of rest is the only way you will make it through. So make sure the KB weight is realistic. That means you could have one for swinging and squatting and one for the overhead movement.

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