Burn – Friday 8/9

3 rounds with increasing weight and evolving S2OH
10/8 cals AB
15 strict press/push press/push jerks

Monster band shoulder, dynamic mobility

Burn Strength
12 min EMOM
Min 0-2: 5 DB strict press
Rest 1:00
Min 4-7: 5 DB push press
Rest 1:00
Min 8-11: 5 DB push jerks
Pick 3 different sized DB’s and make each set heavier and heavier for each of the three sections.

Burn WOD
“Know Better”
5 rounds
1:00 DB snatches
1:00 burpees over the DB
1:00 ME on AB
1:00 rest
This one is going to move fast so don’t let the pace of the workout change the pace in which you approach it. It is going to be 3:00 of straight work before you get a minute off. That means you will have to be smart with which the speed you move and hold yourself accountable. Come out a little slower than you’re used to, around 80%, and use the first around to establish a baseline and try to hold on to those numbers as you go. Quick transitions will be key and working for the entire minute will make a big difference over the course of the 5 rounds.

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