Burn – Monday 12/16

The 9am on Saturday was unreal.

TABATA format; work for :20, transition for :10
Complete 3 rounds
Air squats
Glute bridges

The Port squat mobility session

Burn Strength
A1. Goblet squats – 8×8 w/30X1 tempo
A2. Banded leg extensions – 8×10
No rest between A1 and A2, only :30 rest between sets
*add weight to last week

Burn WOD
12 min AMRAP
7 DB strict press
6 K2E
5 box jumps (30/24”)(24/20”)
Intended stimulus – unlike some WOD’s that are built to keep you moving at high intensity through speed alone, this week’s workout is meant to keep the intensity high through difficulty alone. The S2OH today is a strict press meaning you are constantly under tension while moving that dumbbells, K2E is an odd movement that we very rarely see and are easily 10x harder than a T2B, and the box jumps are higher than normal. All three of these factors combined mean you can move at a “slower” pace and still achieve a pretty high intensity.

Knees to elbows (K2E) are not considered a scaling progression for a toe to bar at the Port no more than a squat clean is considered a scaled version of a squat snatch. They are two completely different monsters and done correctly can prove to be just as if not harder. When you start to warm them up, understand that making contact with any other part of your arm, beside the elbow, does not make it a knee to elbow. So a little bit of technique is required to hit the proper movement standards.

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