Burn – Monday 12/23

Make sure you know the schedule this week. Shortened schedule Tuesday and closed Wednesday.

Warm-up and Mobility
Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
The Port’s snatch warm-up
Emphasis on catch and squat

Burn Strength
A. 3 rounds
12 plate G2OH (not done for time, but for challenge and quality)
10t OH lunges w/plate
8 push-ups with plate on back
B. 2 rounds
40 sit-ups (not done for time but for quality)
20 GHD back extensions

CF and Burn WOD
“Grey Zone”
5 rounds
1:30 wall sit
:45 DB squat cleans (50/35#)(40/25#)
Rest 1:00
Intended stimulus – just an absolute leg burner. Your clock doesn’t start until you have created two ninety degree angles against the wall. One by your knees and the other between your thighs and stomach. As soon as you’re off the wall, grab the DB’s and go unbroken. Try to get 15 reps each round. Force a quick pace and try to hold on for that minute rest between rounds.

This one will be easy to find corners to cut, but holding yourself accountable will make this workout very challenging.

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