Burn – Monday 6/7

1:00 of DU’s
Then, 4 min AMRAP
10 goblet squats
10 hollow rocks
10 push-ups with opposite toe touch
1:00 of DU’s

Front squat mobility session

Burn Strength
Every 2:00, alternative between A and B
A. :45 wall sit holding a KB in goblet position
Then, immediately into 15 goblet squats
B. :45 hollow hold
Then, 20 hollow crunches with a plate switch

Burn WOD
Every 4:00 for 5 rounds total
25/20 cals AB
50 DU’s
:30 L-sit
You are really going to have to push the pace to get some rest here, so if you are someone who has a tough time accumulating calories on the bike, simply cut down the number per round. If double under’s are your kryptonite do not spend more than 1:00 whipping yourself. Either way, come up with a plan that will give you at least :30 off between rounds.
*Burn can sub a 100m shuttle run for the DU’s

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