Burn – Monday 8/5

How are the cool downs going?

3 rounds
:30 AB
15 banded good mornings
10 air squats
5 inchworms w/push-up and toe touches

Squat mobility based on strength

Burn Strength
With a 15 min running clock
Min 1 – 15 DB squats
Min 2+3 – 8/6 cals AB + :30 wall sit

Burn WOD
5 rounds
12 goblet squats
12 box jump overs
Like the CrossFit WOD, the goblet squats should be challenging enough to slow your pace. If the KB is too light, you will go far to fast in this workout and miss the over stimulus. Make sure they are unbroken, but reps 10, 11 and 12 should be really hard each round.

1. Core work
3 rounds
20 plank hold, dumbbells drag throughs
10 rower pike ups
10 push-ups w/2 shoulder taps
20 foam roller plank hold roll outs
2. Interval work – 6/8/10 minutes (start with 6 min, add min every week done. This will evolve for you)
:30 hard/:30 easy on the ski erg
3. Gymnastics – T2B or C2B endurance cycle
Start with 3 sets of 10
A. T2B: complete 3 sets of 10 reps unbroken AFAP
B. C2B: complete 3 sets of 10 reps unbroken AFAP
Weekly cool downs
A. Spend 2 minutes on a bike
Then, 1:00 in each stretch, on each side (so 4:00 total)
Banded hamstring
B. Row at a 2:00/2:20 pace for 3 minutes
Accumulate 100
Banded pull-aparts
Lying banded pull-through
C. Cool down 800m run
Foam roll for 2:00
Spiderman 1:00 each side

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