Burn – Monday 9/16

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
3 to 5 rounds
10 banded goodmornings
10 SA KB RDL right
10 SA KB RDL left

Posterior chain prep for WOD, coaches choice

Burn Strength
A1. Double KB deadlift – 3×10
A2. GHD back extensions – 3×12
A3. Banded plank hold – 1:00

16 min AMRAP
500m row
20 DB deadlifts to step-ups
15 laying toe touches w/KB
The DB movement begins with the DB’s touching the ground with you facing your box. Perform a DB deadlift and then immediately into a weighted step-up. When you step back down, repeat the movement, beginning again with a DB deadlift.

1. Core work – complete 4 rounds
All movements done laying down with 2 DB locked out OH
:15 deadbugs
:15 hollow rock
:15 flutter kicks
:15 slow laying leg raises
2. Interval work – 6/8/10 minutes (add to last weeks work)
Evens – 12/10/8 cals AB
Odds – 15 burpees
3. Gymnastics – T2B or C2B endurance cycle
A. T2B: complete 5 sets of 8 reps unbroken AFAP
B. C2B: complete 5 sets of 8 reps unbroken AFAP
4. Unilateral work
A. Weighted step-ups – 4x8E
B. DB bench press – single arm; 4x10e

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