Burn – Monday 9/9

Group mobility session

Then, as a class
:30 AB, row or ski
10 KBS
10 goblet squats
10 strict press
:30 AB, row or ski
8 goblet squats
8 push press
:30 AB, row or ski
6 goblet squats
6 push jerks
*athletes could add weight between each section

Burn Strength
14 min EMOM
Evens – 12 Russian KBS + 10 goblet squats
Odds – 10t heavy SA DB push jerks

Burn WOD
3 min AMRAP
250m row
ME burpee box jumps with rime remaining
Rest 1:00, x5
*this is entirely different WOD with a different intended stimulus. Knowing this means you should really push the pace for each piece because the rest will bail you out a bit.
Burpee box jumps are not jump overs, so all rules of the box jump apply.

1. Core work
3 rounds
20 plank hold, dumbbells drag throughs
10 rower pike ups
10 push-ups w/2 shoulder taps
20 foam roller plank hold roll outs
2. Interval work – 6/8/10 minutes (start with 6 min, add min every week done. This will evolve for you)
Evens – 12/10/8 cals AB
Odds – 15 burpees
3. Gymnastics – T2B or C2B endurance cycle
A. T2B: complete 5 sets of 6 reps unbroken AFAP
B. C2B: complete 5 sets of 6 reps unbroken AFAP
4. Unilateral work
DB Romanian deadlifts – 4x8e

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