Burn – Tuesday 7/9

3 rounds
150m/100m row
10 DB deadlifts
10 DB hang cleans
10 DB S2OH

Full class mobility based on strength

CF Strength
Death by Russian KBS – minute 1 complete 2 RKBS, minute 2 complete 4 RKBS, minute 3 complete 6 RKBS
*keep going until you can no longer complete the required reps in the time allotted. 16 min cap.
This will be a fun one. Grab a heavy KB and see how many minutes you can hold on for. The reps do not have to be unbroken, but you do have to complete them in the minute to move on. How long can you last?

4 rounds
Each round alternate between a 400m run and 20/16 cals AB
20 med ball cleans
A heavy breathing workout. No place to hide here. Round 1 will be a 400m run and 20 medal cleans. Round 2 will be 20/16 cals on the AB and 20 med ball cleans. Complete 4 rounds total. 2 of each.

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