Burn – Tuesday 9/3

3 rounds
50’ waiters carry down/back (switching arms)
25’ lunge down/back

Then, 3 rounds of increasing weight
10 SA DB strict press
Grab a heavier DB
12 SA DB push press
Grab a heavier DB
9 SA DB push jerks

Burn Strength
A1. Half kneeling, SA DB strict press – 5x6e
A2. Foam roller, body saws – 5 sets of 10 to 20
*A2 is done in the plank position, but instead of having your feet on the ground, you put a foam roller under your shins. With the scars retracted, push through the hands and elbows to move the foam roller back and forth about 6”. Stay tight the entire time, keeping the glutes engaged and the spine neutral.

Burn WOD
16 min AMRAP
300m row
15 box dips or close grip push-ups
12 weighted sit-ups
9 burpee box jump overs

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