Burn WOD – Monday 4/1

Welcome to April. A month that could start to bring some warmer weather, could bring biblical like rain, or pound us with more snow. I vote for the first option. Since the weather is going to start getting better, we will begin to see running incorporated more and more into our programming.

That being said, our Monthly challenge is back and we are going to bring it this month. Murph is coming up and coming up fast. This month’s challenge is to complete the work of a half Murph each week. This can be split up however you want over the course of the seven days. The goal is to complete 1 mile worth of running, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 150 air squats. If you complete your half Murph, add your name to the whiteboard with a check for week one. Each week

If you are someone who wants to add running in with a little purpose behind it, look into our endurance program. It is a 6-week programming cycle that helps you work on your engine and it has been written using a rower and a bike, but could be modified to incorporate running instead.

:40 of work, :20 or rest, complete 3 rounds
Row, bike or ski
Air squats
Hanging knee tucks

Spend 1:00 in each stretch on each side; pigeon, spiderman, and couch

Burn Strength
A. 8 min EMOM
10 DB squats
Rest 4:00
B. 8 min EMOM
10 DB deadlift
*both strengths done with 2 DB’s. The squats should be done with the DB’s on your shoulders while the deadlifts are done the way normal deadlifts are done making sure to touch one head of the DB to the outside of your foot each time. Experienced burners can add deficit.

Burn WOD
5 rounds
10 weighted sit-ups
10 burpees to a plate
10 OH lunges
*men use a 45# plate and women use a 25# plate

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