CF and Burn WOD – Tuesday 11/12

The CrossFit Games Open is a potent instructor, and in the coming weeks we should be spending some time reflecting on the lessons it has taught us. We should use our experience to identify the holes in our game, so that we can tweak our training, reinvigorate our approach and spend the next year getting fitter. Stronger. Tougher. Better.⁠

This open has taught us a lot. It has a way of spotlighting our weaknesses and showing us many different things that need improvement. Walking away from the last 5 weeks you might have a pretty long list of things to work on.

Was the clean heavy or could some technique work really help you get under the bar? How are your jerk mechanics? Were the pistols an insurmountable obstacle? Could you use some work walking upside down? Were the DB thrusters and deadlifts just too heavy to move efficiently?

All of those things can be fixed, but not without a little focus.

Quick group mobility session

Set up for WOD and move through the following stations 3 times
30 single/double under’s
:20 HS hold
12/10 cals on the rower
10 step-ups

CF and Burn WOD
“Buttery, flakey crust”
40 min AMRAP
200m farmers carry (53/35#)(44/26#)
1000m row
10 box jumps (30/24”)(24/20”)
5 wall walks
40/30 cals AB
150 DU’s
*box jumps must be jump up and step down
**burners can sub singles or a 200m run for DU’s
Intended Stimulus – the old theory behind getting in shape was called LSD; long, slow, distance. It has been disproved as the ultimate way to develop the aerobic system over and over again. That doesn’t mean it isn’t instrumental in becoming all around fit when used as a part of the puzzle. We will be instituting some longer WOD’s each week with an emphasis of working the entire time at a slightly lower intensity than our normal workouts.

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