Food Friday Recipe Share: Yuca!

This week I am sharing a new favorite recipe from one of CFP’s members Carolina! I first had this recipe when she made it at a get together a few weeks back, and couldn’t get enough. She then brought it to the CFP Open party, and it was clearly a favorite by many! I asked her to share the recipe with me and thought it would be a great thing to post for Food Friday.

Yuca is a starchy root vegetable that is a bit like a potato with a subtle sweetness. They are super versatile, and while this homemade version is my favorite way I’ve had them so far, Street (a popular restaurant in Portsmouth) serves Yuca Fries that are also a really awesome dish! If you are tired of the same sweet potatoes and rice while trying to fit in healthy carbohydrate sources to fuel your training, you should give Yuca a try.

A 1-cup serving of yuca has about 330 calories and just over 78 grams of carbohydrates which makes it a great source of carbohydrates to fuel your training and refuel your muscles with glycogen post-training. If your carb goals are a little lower, try a ½ cup serving in your post-workout meal.

-Katie K.



Yuca (different of yucca), is known as cassava. It is a starchy tuber root that is grown in Central and South America.

You can buy it frozen in some Walmarts (try route 1) or for sure at Shaws in route 1. Same plaza where L.L Bean outlet is.


It looks like this:



– 1 pound (bag) of frozen yucca

– Water

– ½ teaspoon salt



  1. Add water, yuca and salt in a large pot and bring to boil. When is boiling leave it cooking for about 25 to 30 min

or until you can feel them tender with a fork

  1. Then, drain them
  2. Pour the hogao over top
  3. It can be serve as a side dish of chicken, beef, pork or fish




– 3 tablespoons of avocado oil

– 2 cup chopped plum tomatoes

– 1 cup chopped scallions

– 1 teaspoon cumin

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 1 teaspoon ground pepper

– 1 teaspoon paprika


  1. Heat the oil in a pan and add all the ingredients and cook them until is soft, about 10 to 15 min.
  2. Low heat and cook it for 10 more min and stir it until get a little thick like a sauce.


Thanks for sharing Carolina……


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