Merry Christmas!

We all hope your holiday is filled with happiness, joy and laughter. From all of us to all of you and yours, Merriest Christmas.

Picture above is the best coaching staff in America, minus three very important pieces. The 14th fittest woman between the ages of 50 and 54, Coach Kristi. Some one who takes her job as a coach as serious as she does her training. And the person responsible for so many peoples nutritional transformations, if diet is on your lifestyle goals, Coach Katie is worth a conversation. She is incredibly knowledgable and can help make life changing differences in your everyday habits. And finally someone who single handedly takes on both Sunday classes, without him we would not be open 7 days a week. Coach Tom deserves a few Christmas cookies if you have ever come in and sweat with him on a Sunday morning.

Even though they are in the picture above, our other coaches deserve just as much as a pat on the back.

Some one I am incredibly biased towards. Some one who balances a very intense full time job, still finds the time to coach a 5am and a 6:15pm simply because she loves to, and does it with all the preparation required to lead a well run class. Coach Cash (yes I still call her that). Two others who also have full time jobs and still coach because they love to coach. Could easily take the hours they put into coaching and use them for other things that require a lot less work. Both with incredible senses of humor. Both incredible coaches in their own way. Coach Ashley who leads from the front in not only coaching cues and fun warm-ups but also as a CrossFit athlete and incredibly corny jokes. And Coach Chad who really shines when it comes to technique and individual attention. Not to mention the whiteboard facts.

Lastly, Coach Sophie who runs the ship from the trenches. Never asking her staff to do anything she doesn’t do herself. She’s the hardest working owner that any CrossFit gym has ever seen. She has a staff that works hard because of how hard she’s always working. Leading one on ones, coaching her classes, or working out next to her athletes she optimizes the idea that bosses direct from above, while leaders lead from the front. She has been my biggest supporter since day one and she still inspires me every day, even after 8 years.

This staff does not get enough credit for the countless hours they put in behind the scenes. They must do so much legwork before they even step foot in front of their classes. They must fill out timelines to ensure time management is perfected down to the minute. Always learning, always growing, always searching for ways to be better and therefore help you become better versions, to reach all your goals both inside and outside the gym. I am so lucky to be able to work with them every day and couldn’t be more excited to see where they take The Port in 2019.

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