Port @your Place – Friday 3/20

That virtual class was a blast. We will be running our next one tomorrow at 6:30 am!  A late notice, but was so successful today, we wanted to keep the momentum going.

Mental sanity piece for today. I want you to try to get outside in the morning for an easy walk around your neighborhood. Nothing fitness related. You do not even have to take the kids. Just a short, easy walk.

If that isn’t possible, I want you to read something today for you. It cannot be work-related. It cannot be corona related. It has to be something that makes you think or takes you away for 30 minutes. If anyone needs a good book recommendation, I have read a few really good ones lately.

Today’s workout requires some sort of pulling. So if you can set up the at home pull-up rig, use anything from a rake to a broom handle on two chairs. But be creative. If it isn’t possible, wrap a band like Coach Lisa did in the video.

4 rounds
10 SA hammer curls
10 OH tricep ext
1:00 hollow hold

Banded rows or chair rows
If you have a place to do strict pull-ups, cut the numbers way down to something like

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