Port @your Place – Friday 4/24

Fun Fact Friday
Did you know that adult cats do not meow to each other to communicate?
As babies, the meow is used to communicate with their mother but as they get older, they learn to do so with body language, facial expressions, scent, and growling. The meow is a learned behavior to exclusively interact with humans. Cats have us trained to respond to the noise much like babies do to their crying. It’s so definite that you can tell if a stray cat has ever been domesticated by whether or not it meows when interacting with it.

Push Play Playlist Friday April 24

Spend 2 minutes warm-up; run, bike, row, mountain climbers or jumping jacks.
10 ground scrapers in place
10 90/90 stretches
10 spiderman to rotation to straight leg
10 snow angels
10 scorpions

4 rounds
10 to 15 banded good mornings
15 glute bridges
:30 hollow hold

“United in Movement”
150 SA DB thrusters
EMOM complete 5 burpees over the DB
16 min cap

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