Port @your Place – Monday 3/23

Here we go, week #2 of the forced quarantine. Try to find the time today to work through today’s at home WOD.

For your mental health challenge of the day, try to sit down and create a loose agenda for the day. Start with easy things like breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner. Then fill in the blanks with things like academic time with the kids, creative time for you, quiet time for everyone, workout and even some TV time. Set yourself up for success, but also find a way to create some stability.

3 to 5 rounds
1:00 plank hold on elbows
1:00 of plank-ups to 2 shoulder taps
1:00 of lunges
1:00 of wall sits
1:00 rest

12 min AMRAP
50 hollow rocks
10 HSPU’s

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