Port @your Place – Monday 3/30

We are into our third week of this, and what I have found to be the truth is once I skip a day of movement, I can rationalize skipping that second day. But I have fought against it. Taking a day to work on the house WILL NOT turn into another day of missing a garage workout. If you find yourself in this mindset, simply find a way to get moving. Do not let one missed day become two or even three days without a workout. It doesn’t have to be crazy, it doesn’t have to leave you on the floor. Just move and sweat, you’ll thank me afterward.

For today, there are a number of virtual class options. If you can’t make it, check out the “push play” option.

2 or 3 rounds
10 ground scrapers in place
10 90/90 stretches
10 spiderman to rotation to straight leg
10 snow angels
10 scorpions

5 rounds
10 to 15 SA DB bent over row left
10 to 15 SA DB bent over row right
10 to 15 SA DB floor press left
10 to 15 SA DB floor press right

14 min AMRAP
50t DB S2OH
40 lyng toe touches
30 dips
40t SA DB swings
50t DB OH lunges

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