Port @your Place – Saturday 3/28

Less screen time Saturday.

Today make an effort to cut down the amount of time you spend in front of a screen. I know this is a lot harder with the extra servings of the at-home time we have been served, but sometimes we pick up our phones to surf or turn on the tv out of habit. Not because we need to. Find time to unplug today and grab a book, a puzzle or head outside for some spring clean-up.

A1. SA floor press – 4x8e
A2. SA plank rows – 4x8e

8 min AMRAP
800m run
2 bodyweight complexes
20 DU’s
4 bodyweight complexes
20 DU’s
6 bodyweight complexes
20 DU’s
Continue to add 2 bodyweight complex’s until time runs out.
Rest 4:00 and repeat
1 bodyweight complex is a reverse lunge on each leg into an air squat

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