The Port @ Your Place – Thursday 3/19

Today we are going to try our hand at a virtual class at noon. I will run it like I would any class. Set you guys up with a little warm-up, do a little stretching, and then talk about the strength and the WOD. Please make sure you are ready to log into the class, have a yoga mat and a light weight for the strength. A box or chair and a DB or backpack for the WOD. Let’s have some fun as a group and get a little community sweat in.

Sign up for virtual WOD here:

Core burner
3 to 5 rounds
1:00 plank hold
20 leg lift overs
20 Russian twists
20 straight leg sit-ups

100 chair or box step-ups
EMOM complete 10 chair or box dips
Add a weighted backpack or a DB if available

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