Port @ your Place – Tuesday 3/17

So many of you came and grabbed equipment already and there isn’t much left. If you haven’t had the chance, please reach out and see if we can still help or need to order a few more things. I also have a pretty good set-up at my house and would love to have you workout in Greenland with me. Text me.

The at-home programming will not require you to have any equipment, but the more you have the variety will be available. We would love it if you had a resistance band, a dumbbell, and a jump rope. If you have a home gym, feel free to reach out to see how to incorporate even more things into your daily programming. My goal is to stay as active as I can for the next 2 weeks both as an athlete and as a coach. You need a scaling option? Text me. You need a workout buddy? Let’s set up a virtual class. Stay in communication with me and this thing will be over before you know it.

Send us pictures or videos of you doing your Port @your Place workouts and we will share on our page.

5 rounds
1:30 wall sit
1:00 max air squats
1:00 wall sit
1:00 max air squats
Rest 1:30

14 min EMOM
Evens – 40 DU’s
Odds – 1 round with a backpack
15 deadlifts
12 backpack swings
9 S2OH

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