Port @your Place – Tuesday 4/7

Here are two questions to ask yourself over a glass of cold water.
1. What part of this new normal am I enjoying?
2. What event or project is coming up that I am excited about?

I know I love being able to do things around my house. It is not so much that I have more time, but rather I am in a new environment that allows me to take a break and accomplish something I never would have. Little jobs are getting done that I have pushed to the back burners in the past.

I am excited about the weather warming up a bit. I am so connected to it emotionally that even a little sun has helped me tremendously. This week looks better and I can only hope it will continue to improve.

PushPlay Playlist

Warm-up 400m run, then full body flow; 3 to 5 reps
2 lunges each side + 2 air squats + 2 good mornings +
2 inchworms w/2 push-ups each + :10 down dog +
1 spiderman each side with 3 rotations + :10 superman hold +
:10 hollow hold

Then, complete 1 round of dumbbell DT on each side.

“Q time DT”
20 min AMRAP
400m run
1 round of SA DB “DT” each side
1 round is
12 SA DB deadlifts
9 SA DB hang cleans
6 SA DB push jerks
Complete all reps on right, then all reps on left.



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