Port @your Place – Wednesday 4/29

Weekly challenge Wednesday
Your weekly challenge is to recognize a time you are spending on your phone for no reason and replace it with time reading a book. With the quarantine, I have noticed that my dependence on technology has increased dramatically, in the last few weeks I have tried to work my way off of it. Sometimes I would just pick up my phone and spend 20 minutes on it for no reason. Now, instead, I am keeping my latest book close and replacing one for the other. I challenge you to do the same.

Push Play for Wed April 29

Accumulate 2:00 in HS hold, every time you break complete 10 dislocates.
Then, 3 rounds on each side
20 jumping jack
10 air squats
5 DB strict press
5 DB push press
5 DB push jerks

4 rounds
8e Turkish sit-ups
1:00 plank hold
12 seated rows w/band

“Fight at Home”
3 rounds
1:00 at each station for max reps
1. HS push-ups or piked push-ups
2. Jumping lunges
3. Sit-ups
4. DU’s
5. Rest

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