Port @ your Place – Sunday March 21

Go for a quick jog, then stretch hamstrings and hips using a band or a box.

CFP core complex 2.0
:12 hollow hold
:12 v-ups
:12 hollow hold
:12 crunches
:12 hollow hold
:12 butt lifts
:12 hollow hold
:12 hollow rocks
:12 hollow hold
:12 butterfly kicks
:12 hollow hold
x2. Then finish w/30 side plank extensions, both sides.

30 min EMOM
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Step up and over an object (box, bench, chair)
3. Sumo Deadlift High Pull (with your DB, KB, or Backpack)
4. Russian KBS (swing your DB, KB, or Backpack)
5. Sit-ups
6. Rest

*work for :45 every minute, use the :15 as transition time
So you will be working for three-quarters of each minute, using the fifteen second as a break and transitioning time. The goal here is simply to stay consistent. Can you hit a challenging number in round one, and hold it for all 6 rounds.

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