We are now offering personalized nutrition with one-on-one coaching to help you reach your body composition, performance, and health goals with the accountability of our in-house certified nutrition coach, Katie.

Katie brings several years experience in the performance nutrition coaching field, working with active individuals looking to maximize their nutrition to better fuel their lifestyle and reach goals in a sustainable approach. You will receive one-on-one guidance with weekly meetings and check-ins along with a customized approach to your nutrition.

With Nutrition Coaching Learn how to….

    • Fuel your body for your unique goals (lose fat, build muscle, increase energy etc.)
    • Enjoy all your favorite food choices in moderation (nothing is off limits)
    • Approach training days and rest days differently
    • Time carbohydrates around your workouts for improved performance and recovery
    • Lose body fat in a sustainable way
    • Build muscle mass and strength in the gym
    • Track your food intake accurately
    • How to approach eating out, drinking alcohol, and taking supplements

Packages available:

All packages include introductory meeting to cover goals, personal health and nutrition questionnaire

Macro Calculations

  • Customized macronutrient and calorie goals for workout days and rest days
  • One re-calculation/ tweak to numbers if needed


One-on-One Private Coaching (or phone consultations)

  • 30 minute in person check-ins (weekly or bi-weekly)
  • My personal email and phone number for questions and checks-in at any time
  • Weekly individualized custom macronutrients
  • Macro recalculations and tweaks as needed
  • Tips on how to track food intake accurately
  • Weekly weigh-ins, body measurements, progress photos
  • Grocery List and recommendations
  • Supplement guidance and recommendations
  • Carbohydrate timing guidance for performance and recovery
  • Remote/ Phone Coaching Sessions Available


Custom Meal Plans

  • 4/8/12 weeks of custom meal plans tailored to unique macronutrient and calorie goals (3 meal plans per week)
  • Meal plans include full weekly grocery list, recipes, and are based off food preferences and aversions!
  • One-on-one remote coaching throughout entire plan

To signup, email katiekiely44@gmail.com or info@theport.fit

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