CrossFit vs. Port Burn Programming

Group CrossFit Programming: 

CrossFit-style programming is defined by constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity. Our group CrossFit classes follow a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) outline, meaning that we train our athletes to be ready for anything life might throw at them. Each day is a little bit different than the last but every workout will challenge you mentally and physically.

The Port’s 5,000 square foot warehouse gym is full of bikes, rowers, barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, gymnastics rings, and so much more, that we use in combination to help members reach their individual goals. Whether you’re here for improved health, weight loss, strength, performance, or training for sport The Port can help you get there. We believe that total fitness and well-being can be achieved through the combination of the exercises and methods mentioned above, along with proper nutrition, mobility, recovery, and rest. 

Our program meets you where you are. Whether this is your first time stepping into a gym or you’re just leaving college athletics, CrossFit is infinitely scalable and modifiable for any age or ability level. Our trainers are with you every step of the way to help you move well and challenge yourself at an appropriate level. In addition to the physical aspects of our gym and programming, we believe what sets us apart from other fitness programs is our community. You will quickly become a part of The Port family, as we encourage and motivate each other to reach individual goals inside and outside of the gym.

Port Burn Programming: 

CrossFit GPP programming often includes high-intensity workouts, high skill movements, Olympic Lifting, and barbell strength movements as part of the weekly programming. As mentioned above, all of these movements are scalable and modifiable for anyone who walks in our doors. However, during our Group Classes, we also offer a second track of programming that we call Port Burn. Members who choose the Port Burn track are still a part of a class, but when it comes time to do specific strength or workout pieces, the programming has some different goals than the CrossFit track. Many of our members switch between the CrossFit and Port Burn programming options from day-to-day, depending on what they want to accomplish and how they feel.

Port Burn programming still follows the GPP-style, but takes away the barbell, high skill gymnastics movements, reduces the weight, and increases the volume. Port Burn focuses more on general conditioning, building whole-body strength and endurance, midline stability, core strength, and often includes unilateral movements to keep athletes balanced. The Port Burn track utilizes dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and medicine balls for strength-training and cardiovascular exercises. 

Check out some example Burn Workouts:

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