Saturday – 10/29

Spend 2 min in Z1, then
4 rounds each of TABATA
-plank hold in push up position
-hollow hold on pull up bar
-KB hold in bottom of squat

Start w/a lax ball on your shoulders
Then, 2:00 in the 2 med ball shoulder stretch

A1. DB bench press – 4×10; AHAP
A2. Weighted pull-ups – 5×5; AHAP

“Santa Dominga”
E4:00 for 16:00
:30 Russian KBS (53/35#)(44/26#)
:30 goblet squats
:30 push-ups
200m run
Everyone starts and moves together. Make sure you are getting enough rest per round. If not, shorten the run. Score is total reps accumulated.

Cool Down
Group cool down stretch before you go

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