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The Port

2017 Summertime Challenge

A Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Competition

The Port invites you to participate in our 2017 Summertime Challenge. It combines diet, fitness, lifestyle and accountability in a fun and engaging way. You’ll be provided with everything you need to make this summer the best summer yet.

Accountability, Structure, Community, and Education

A healthy lifestyle puts you in the position to best reach your goals. We have partnered with Lurong Living to provide you with a proven platform to get you healthy, looking great and improving your fitness. It all starts with keeping your diet focused and on track. Sharing this common purpose strengthens relationships and community, while you learn what to eat and how to put it into practice.

2 Diet Options & 3 Fitness Levels

The Lurong Living diet system allows you to choose between two diet options. The flexibility inspires you to always make the best choice for your lifestyle and goals. The three fitness levels ensure that everyone can compete with appropriate movement options. Both beginners and advanced athletes will be able to participate and have fun changing their lives together.

Food Search and Meal Planning Guides

The Lurong Living  search feature will show you what level all your foods fit and why. You will love the 2 delicious 5 week meal plan guides, complete with shopping lists. These resources quickly answer your questions and takes out the guess work. You will shop for the right foods and eat better than ever, ensuring you to see the results you deserve.


Along the way you will have the opportunity to win your share of more than 30k in prizes from sponsors like Reebok, Qalo and more. From contests during the registration period to major individual and team prizes, your chances to win start when you register.

Important Dates & Pricing

To learn more about this life-changing challenge join us next Wednesday, April 19th at 5pm for an information session with Russ, our Lurong Living rep. He will go over all the details of the challenge, answer questions & even get you registered on the spot. The info session will begin after the 5:15pm group class. Russ & I will be around until 7/8pm if you can’t get there until a little bit later. Food & drink will be provided.

This challenge is for members & non-members, so invite your friends, family, coworkers, significant others to join you. Hope you all can make it!

Early Bird Pricing Ends:  April 24th – 11:59:59
Challenge Starts:  May 15th
Challenge Ends:  June 18th

Lurong Living Challenge Pricing:
Early Bird: $40
Post Early Bird: $55

*You must register for this challenge on the Lurong Living website.

Don’t forget to add CrossFit Portsmouth as your team.

Summer Never

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