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Yes, you read that correctly. It’s already time for another 5 weeks of community, fitness, fun, and finding and pushing through your limits. Some of you may be wondering why we are talking about this in October instead of next March like we usually do. That’s because the CrossFit Games season has gone through quite a few changes in this past year and things have been shaken up a bit. But most importantly for us, it means that Fall is now the season for thrusters, pull-ups, and all too many burpees. While for some that may bring some stress or nerves, your coaches want you to remember that this is a time for friendly competition, team spirit, cranking up the intensity, hitting a PR or finally getting that first bar muscle-up.

If you’ve watched my coaches video you know that one of the reasons I love CrossFit is because it can be, or mean, so many different things to so many different people. It can be a competitive outlet, a person’s community, a workout program that is easy to stick to, a weight loss journey, a way to progress in a specific sport, and so much more. The CrossFit Open for me personally also highlights this very idea. This will be my sixth Open, and each year my experiences and goals have been different. The first year was spent figuring out what CrossFit was all about and what it felt like to compete in it. As many of you know, there is something special about working out with others watching or amongst a large group, which is partly why we all show up here every day anyways. It has that team atmosphere feeling, it’s extra motivating and pushes you just a little bit harder. 

The following year I had a good handle on all the movements, even though I still couldn’t do all of them. I was able to RX most of the weeks and add in a little more intensity. Then the third workout was released, a 14-minute AMRAP that started with 7 muscle-ups. I started the clock 4 different times over the weekend trying to at least get a score of 1. When Monday night came around, my last attempt, somewhere around 9 minutes I finally got my first one. The 5 pm class, my squad at the time, erupted like it was the greatest achievement in sports history. I ended up getting two more before the time ran out and I very proudly signed off on my whopping score of 3. Once again, there was something special about going after a goal surrounded by a group of people who wanted me to succeed just as much as I did.

My third year took on a different meaning as I trained and changed my lifestyle to prepare for the Open in hopes of getting as close as I could to making it to Regionals. I worked with Katie on my nutrition, trained and went to Wodapalooza, worked on my weaknesses and was focused on recovering as best as I could. As The Open workouts were released, almost all of them were in my wheelhouse; overhead walking lunges, toes-to-bar, and squat cleans, deadlifts and rowing, and then burpees and thrusters which we all just suffered through.  At the end of the 5 weeks, I ended up around 37th, with the top 20 making it to Regionals. Was I disappointed? Absolutely not. This was well beyond where I thought I would have ended up and for me was a true testament to a lot of hard work paying off.

Now brings us to my 3 years of The Open with The Port. At this point in my life, I have more responsibilities than I did in previous years, as I am sure many of you all do. I’ve been teaching preschool and coaching, making sure my dog Maya gets as much exercise as she can, and I have a few very important relationships in my life. My priorities have certainly shifted, but I also still very much want to be the best CrossFitter I can be. Now though, I want to compete while also maintaining a certain level of wellness and it comes after my life outside of the gym. I try really hard all year for the opportunity to beat Justin in a workout or two, but if and when I don’t, I will give him a high-five and spend the rest of my morning or evening cheering on our members.  

So whether this is your first year or your 10th, there is something here to be gained for all of you. Maybe this is your first and you just want to feel it out. Perhaps you’re in your third year working for that first handstand push-up. Or maybe you just love competing against your friends. Whatever this Open will mean for you, we choose to do the Open to bring all of our members together for 5 weeks to show off all of the hard work you have put in all year long. We see you all showing up consistently, working hard before and after class, drilling those weaknesses and always asking for extra work, despite your busy lives outside the gym. So grab a few teammates, perhaps your favorite Thursday partner WOD buddies, and let’s start getting ready!

Everything you need to know about The Port CrossFit Open

What is it?

For those who are new to our community here at The Port, or new to CrossFit in general, we have an in-house competition starting October 10th. Every Thursday evening for 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ will release a workout that CrossFitters all over the world will complete. Members at The Port will tackle these workouts together on Friday night or Saturday morning and earn points for their team. 

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone! The Port Open is for all age groups and fitness levels. You may enter as RX or Scaled within your age group so it’s approachable for all!

How do I sign up?

This time, instead of breaking the gym into two teams, we are going to have you make your own team of three – 3 men or 3 women. You all must decide as a whole if you want to compete as a Scaled or RX team. This year there will be no flip-flopping week to week. You have to stick to a division for the entire 5 weeks. This will make scoring much easier and fairer.

Each individual must also register for an age division. Note: it is okay to have multiple age divisions on your team.

Age Divisions – Note: Pick an age group according to age on August 1st, 2020

  • Individual 18-34 years old
  • Master’s 35-40
  • Master’s 40-45
  • Master’s 45-50
  • Master’s 50+ 

When ready pick a teammate to complete this form to sign up your team!

We will also set up a “Free Agents” board at the gym for those who are still looking for a team so everyone can get matched up. Please note, only one coach per team. 

How do we win?

In the end, we will crown the following –

  • Women’s Scaled Team Winner
  • Women’s RX Team Winner
  • Men’s Scaled Team Winner
  • Men’s RX Team Winner
  • Overall Team Winner

How can I earn points for my team?

There are all sorts of ways each week!

  • +1 point for completing the WOD at anytime Friday-Monday
  • +2 points for completing the workout during the designated Friday or Saturday class times 
  • +1 point for judging an athlete. Make sure you write your name on the scorecard!
  • +1 point for finishing 2nd or 3rd in your age division
  • +2 points for finishing 1st in your age division 
  • +2 points if you’re selected the MVP of the week by our coaches 


20.1 – Saturday, October 12th – The 7, 8 & 9am Group Class will be dedicated to The Open WOD 

20.2 – Friday, October 18th – Friday Night Lights! Heats of 20.2 will start at 4:30pm.

20.3 – Saturday, October 26th – The 7, 8 & 9am Group Class will be dedicated to The Open WOD.

20.4 – Friday, November 1st – Friday Night Lights! Heats of 20.2 will start at 4:30pm.

20.5 – Saturday, November 9th – The 7, 8 & 9am Group Class will be dedicated to The Open WOD.

So excited for this Open! What team will win it all? Please let us know if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to register your team – FILL OUT THIS FORM!

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