Thursday – 9/14

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
6 hanging knee tucks
6 clean and jerks
6 over the bar burpees

Barbell smash
Group stretch to prep for power cleans

Power clean – 1.1.1 (:10/2:00) x4; using 85% of 1RM.
More weight than last time but fewer sets. Same amount of rest in between so you must stick to that :10 of rest. Focus on perfect footwork and receiving position.

1 round; AFAP
40 T2B
20 clean & jerks (165/115#)(135/195#)
40 bar facing burpees
100 DU’s (each)
100/80 cal bike
40 bar facing burpees
20 clean & jerks
40 T2B
30:00 time cap. Going to cut it close, so make sure you talk strategy and keep moving. Only one partner can work at a time and you can’t move on until all reps of the previous lift are completed.

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