WOD and Burn – Friday 10/11

3 person rowling – 10 minutes max
Coaches choose the penalties.

Group mobility session

CF and Burn Strength
The Port core complex 2.0
:12 hollow hold
:12 v-ups
:12 hollow hold
:12 crunches
:12 hollow hold
:12 butt lifts
:12 hollow hold
:12 hollow rocks
:12 hollow hold
:12 butterfly kicks
:12 hollow hold
x2. Then finish w/30 side plank extensions, both sides

CF and Burn WOD
Teams of 3
9 min AMRAP
Max cals ski
9 min AMRAP
Max cals row
9 min AMRAP
Max cals AB
How many calories can you and your 2 best CrossFit friends accumulate over the 27 minutes. There is no time in between so you have to be ready to switch from each machine. You can do it in any order, so while you are discussing a strategy, it might be worth your time to think about the order in which your are going to attack it.

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