WOD and Burn – Friday 4/5

3 rounds as a group
:30 walking lunges
:30 sit-ups
:30 broad jumps
Rest :30

Quick group mobility session

12 min EMOM
Evens – 10t KB front rack lunges
Odds – :30 core movement
*hollow hold, hollow rocks, flutter kicks
The gymnastic movement will switch every 2 rounds. So the first 2 will be hollow holds, the second 2 will be hollow rocks and the last 2 will be hollow hold flutter kicks. Ashley inspired this strength EMOM. Love the idea of keeping people moving, but don’t let them skimp on the KB weights. These should virtually be something like putting 70% on a barbell and lunging with it.

3 rounds
400m run
10 manmakers (50/35#)(40/25#)
Here we go. Running. Oh and a few manmakers. Like we talked about last time, rally make sure people are focusing on setting their backs before squat clean thrustering the DB’s. Major fault when moving through the manmaker. A lot fo times we accept crappy foot placement and rounded backs. Take the time to do these correctly, good form is only going to help you stay effect and safe.
One manmaker is a squat thrust, push-up on the DB’s, row left hand, row right hand, jump in and complete a squat clean thruster.

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