WOD – Friday 1/11

How is the consistency going? Are you falling back into a groove?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP
10 BB deadlifts
5 burpees
10 wall balls

Posterior chain prep

Deadlift – build to 70 to 75% and complete 5 reps E:90
Immediately into a seated box jump for height, x3
Complete 5 rounds of the deadlift/box jump superset
So once you have warmed up to around 70/75% then you can start on a running clock. 5 deadlifts right into 3 seated box jumps for height without rest between them, but whatever is left in the :90 can be used as rest after the box jumps. Do not build in the deadlift but feel free to build in the seated box jumps.

Let’s remember how we do seated box jumps. Big huge belly breath, as you lean back, maintain the 90-degree angle between your torso and thighs, drive the balls of your feet down as you lean forward. Keeping your feet on the ground for as little time as possible, explode up. Training the stretch reflex and explosive speed.

“Dime a Dozen”
1:00 ME wall balls
1:00 ME burpee touches
1:00 ME cals AB
Rest 3:00, x3
Whoa boy. Just because they are 1 minute intervals, doesn’t mean you should let that set your pace. Do not treat this workout like 9 mini 1 minute workouts. Treat each minute like they are a part of a 9 minute workout with some rest. Understand that consistency is much more important than overall reps. Let those two ideas help you pace each minute. That pretty much applies to the burpees and bike. Just go unbroken on the wall balls.

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