WOD – Friday 1/12

How is the whole goal development process coming along? Ready to publish them to the world? The front white board is ready when you are.

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 wall balls (light)
10 ring rows
5 hanging leg raises

CFP squat mobility session
Include a little calf and ankle love

A1. Back squats – 8×3 @55-65% of your 1RM
A2. Box jumps – 8×3 AHAP; must step down
No rest between A1 and A2, rest 2:00 between sets.
Speed day.

“Rowing Gulls”
16 min AMRAP
20 pull-ups
400m row
30 wall balls
9/1 we ran, but…
Done this one before but it was a 400m run instead. People can look back but shouldn’t expect to beat their time because the row takes a bit longer. Does anyone want to go unbroken? No way, that just seems silly. Or does it?

Accessory Work
Foam roller ab rollouts – accumulate 100 (small movements here)
Russian twists – 100t

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