WOD – Friday 1/17

Dynamic warm-up
CrossFitters grab a PVC
PVC shoulder mobility
The Port snatch warm-up
Burners grab equipment for WOD

CF Strength
Weightlifting combo – 1 power snatch + 1 OHS
More of a prep for the workout, so the goal would be to try to hit something close to last Friday. If you want to work on getting under the bar, feel free to squat snatch instead. However, since the power snatch in the workout is pretty heavy, prepping the movement patterns will help in the long run.

CFP Benchmark WOD #6
5 rounds
5 power snatches (155/105#)(135/95#)
50′ HS walk
Intended stimulus – this one is designed to be heavy and high skill. Both movements require a tremendous amount of technique work and are at the top of the skill tree. The snatch is not only a hard movement to do well, it is even harder to do well consistently at such a heavy load. So find a weight that is extremely challenging for reps, maybe making TnG difficult.

The handstand walk is just as challenging but for very different reasons. If you are someone who has been working towards being inverted today is your day to hold yourself accountable to some distance today. Whether it is 5 or 10 feet. Try to get upside down. If you do, record how you attacked it in Wodify.

Scale both of these so they fall into your capability zone but make them hard. Do not simply fly through this.

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