WOD – Friday 1/18

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
The Port snatch warm-up with emphasis on the OHS

12 min EMOM
First 3 min – 1 OHS
Rest 1:00
Second 3 min – 1 power snatch + 1 OHS
Rest 1:00
Last 3 min – 1 full snatch
First, 3 min is an OHS off the rack. Build or stay across.
Second 3 min is going to be a power snatch (off the floor, obviously) and an OHS
Last 3 min will be a full snatch (off the floor, obviously); meaning squat
So getting under the bar is the overall purpose of this progression. Start with a lighter weight and build to something challenging. But you do not need to move through in a straight line. Your weights do not always have to be sequential. You can build to something in the first EMOM, take weight off to start the second EMOM, and maybe even stay across in the third EMOM. The rules are up to you, but if you plan accordingly, it will serve as a great training session.

“Strong Appetite”
5 rounds
1:00 ME box jump overs (24/20”)
Rest :30
1:00 ME AB
Rest :30
So this one is going to be a great exercise in ego, since everyone HAS TO jump and the bike is going to argue against that, especially in the later rounds. Different stimulus completely from last Friday’s workout. Since it’s a minute of hard effort and only half that time as a rest. Trying to hold between a 70 and 80% effort on the bike will help with sustaining numbers.

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