WOD – Friday 1/4

Rowing warm-up
10 strokes just arms
10 strokes hips and arms
10 strokes with 1/2 leg drive
10 full strokes

Quick rowing mobility – leg kicks, standing figure 4, cossack squats

WOD prep
250m row at max effort
You must set your rower for a 250m row. Do not sandbag this!

5 rounds
1 sub 0:45, 0:48 or 0:55 250m row
50 unbroken DU’s
*if your max effort row was done in :58, add 3 to 5 seconds to that finish pace. 1:01 now becomes your goal pace and you are required to hold all rows under that pace. You must set your rower every time.
Strategy pieces here. If you row under the goal pace, or break your DU’s/SU’s you must start over. You do not just get to finish and move on. Taking too little time between the row and the rope will not be very smart. So having a plan and sticking to it will be very important.

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