WOD – Friday 1/5

Sign into Wodify and then spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
CFP snatch warm-up

Squat snatch – cluster format; 1.1.1 (:10/2:00)
Last time we worked on the squat snatch it was a 1.1 cluster, so this week we are adding a rep. An improvement would be the same weight as last time with better form or a heavier weight with one more rep. In your warm-up, focus on working completing the full movement. If there are limitations, there is no shame in sticking to the power version. Especially since mobility won’t miraculously come around in the middle of the strength session.

14 min AMRAP
10 squat snatches (155/105#)(115/75#)
15 burpees
20/15 cals on rower
Compare to 11/9
Use Wodify to look back and create a plan accordingly. If you want to think percentages, this one should be done around 60%. However, if you find a pretty heavy cluster today, think about maybe putting 70% of the weight you found in the cluster on the bar for the workout. This one is hard and misses find a way to breed into other misses. So stay focused and really develop a plan of attack. Power snatches are just fine for those who cannot squat snatch.

Accessory Work
3 rounds
25 straight leg sit-ups, no mat
25 hip extensions (bridge position)
25 flutter kicks

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