WOD – Friday 10/12

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, clean warm up as a class; coach led

Group mobility session w/focus on the pulling muscles

Hang power clean – find a 3RM for the day
Olympic lifting for the week. All hang and all power. We really have been drilling the hang position and the transition from it to triple extension. When putting togther reps fromn the hang you really want to feel your feet on the ground. Do not let you weight get into your toes here. Make sure you understand where you weight is supposed to be and how to transiton as you move through the lift.

2 rounds; AFAP
25 hang power cleans (115/75#)(95/55#)
25 bar facing burpees
Will be a Port benchmark WOD.The scientific name for it is “lactic threshold” but what it really should be called is one’s ability to embrace the suck. Going into a workout like this well wamred up and with a positive attitude can rerally change the whole dynamic of the WOD. Get the HR up and think positively. GO get it.

Accessory Work
Spend 5 minutes on the machine of your choice – cool down pace
Then, accumulate 3:00 in the hollow position

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