WOD – Friday 10/5

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
The Port snatch warm-up with emphasis on power position

Weightlifting complex – 1 power snatch + 1 hang power snatch
An evolution of the complex we did two weeks ago. Look back and make a plan based on what you’ve done in the past, how you feel today and the experience you have with these two lifts. If you are still working on developing form or lack the confidence in this lift, find a challenging weight and complete an EMOM during the strength session.

“Don Quixote”
100m shuttle run
21 power snatches (75/55#)(65/55#)
42 push-ups
100m shuttle run
15 power snatches
30 push-ups
100m shuttle run
9 power snatches
18 push-ups
Great workout. Barbell weight should be light and push-ups should be perfect.

Accessory Work
Banded pull-aparts – accumulate 60
Banded leg curls – accumulate 60
Banded tricep push-downs – accumulate 60

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